The Winery


The name Venta refers to buildings of traditional constructions, originally located on main roads. Until the end of the 19th century, the Ventas served as the current service areas. The carriages could stop here so that the horses and travellers could rest

With the arrival of motor vehicles and depopulation for the benefit of cities, this type of business ceased to make sense. La Venta d’Aubert was abandoned and remained, lost and forgotten until the end of the 20th century.

In 1986 a Swiss couple woke her to life, after several decades of total abandonment. The lands were planted with olive and hazelnut trees. Of the crops of the old Venta only managed to survive; a white Garnacha vine that is still preserved.

In 1995 a new warehouse with all technical facilities was built and in 2001 it was expanded based on current needs.

The vineyards

The new strains are planted in clayey and calcareous soil and are subjected to a Mediterranean and semi-continental climate, which favours the development of the strains in a very positive way.

Pines, holm oaks, olive trees and almond trees coexist harmoniously with our strains, providing unique nuances.

We make wines only from our Venta d’Aubert strains. The objective is to control the entire process from the beginning, we currently have 45 acres of vineyards.


In 2013 we decided to stop with phytosanitary products and start production with biological foundations. This allows us to practice viticulture fully respectful of the environment, with respect to the balance of the vineyard ecosystem.

To maintain the soil structure and oxygenate the land, we alternate the cultivation of the vineyard with the use of plant covers that give life to the land. We use the remains of pruning and mowing of the vegetation cover and at the same time organic fertilizers of different animals.

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